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Getting wealthy is something that most people would like to dream about. Talk about it and find a crowd actively listening to you. Ask them who's really interested and who among are willing to do what's needed, and see how one by one, they start to move away.

In reality, there are hardly few brave souls committed to working their way and taking those steps towards financial stability and independence. Everyone dreams of it, but only a few would have the guts to go for it.

Matters such as investment strategies, monetary risks, tax minimization strategies, roll-overs, wealth management, and insurance are sadly, itchy topics that a lot of folks would rather avoid. In the modern world where technology made information readily available, swift and cheap, it's surprising to know that a considerable number of people who have access to these technologies still lack a decent knowledge on the available options they could have availed for themselves all along. Well, of course, they dreamt of it, but most likely never took concrete actions.

At Wealth Strategies Financial Group, our first goal is to educate you on how to bring more value to your finances, and leverage on what you currently have at hand by providing expert information and experienced know-how. We recommend options based on your present financial status, taking careful consideration of what is practical, realistic and achievable. We agree on concrete action plans. Whatever financial status you may have, we highly encourage you to take that first step. Let's collaborate and work hand in hand in setting your goals and putting you on the path to it.

If you are in Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids, please call us at 248.509.0709 or email us at contact@wealthsfg.com. For a free and no obligation consultation, call or visit us at:

20750 Civic Center, Suite 590
Southfield, Michigan
United States 48076

We created this firm for YOU. And like you, we have INTEGRITY. Like you, we have GRIT. Like you, we are RESILIENT. And like you, we CARE. Come experience the #WSFGDIFFERENCE


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Investment Strategies and Financial Planning

We can help you identify your unique goals and objectives, financial and otherwise, and design a customized strategy to help you reach those goals. Learn more about financial planning services. 



We can help you determine strategies for a comfortable and financially fit retirement. Learn more about preparing for your retirement.


Business Services

We work with our business-owner clients to design and, where appropriate, fund strategies that include: succession planning, executive carve-out plans, key employee retention, buy-sell arrangements, key-person arrangements, and much more. Learn more about our services for Businesses